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ISAM physical appliances – network interfaces

We know that an IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) physical appliance has six Ethernet ports – but which port is which when it shows in the admin console? Especially as the distinction between Management ports and Application ports has effectively gone away.

Assuming that you are running ISAM or above, you a Networking Configuration panel showing set of network interfaces which looks something like this:

ISAM Networking Configuration settings

It’s useful to know that (when using ISAM or later) one or more IP addresses can be associated with each Ethernet port, and it’s configurable as to which IP addresses are used as management interfaces. (So you can see from the attached screenshot that IP address is being used as a management interface, while the other IP addresses are being used as application interfaces. And it’s also possible to assign a Name and a Comment to each of the Interfaces.)

And the mapping between the Interface number (as shown in the management console) and Ethernet socket is as follows:

Interface Network port
1.1 Management 1
1.2 Management 2
1.3 Application 1
1.4 Application 2
1.5 Application 3
1.6 Application 4


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