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ISAM now supports FIDO U2F devices


ISAM now supports FIDO U2F devices

ISAM Version 9.0.3 was released recently. One of the cool features is that it includes support for authenticators which conform to the FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard. These are specialised hardware devices that perform cryptographic operations and which communicate using USB, Bluetooth, or NFC interfaces. ISAM can act as a FIDO U2F server, which means that FIDO authenticators can be used within ISAM authentication policies. This means that you can add “Something you have” and “User Presence” validation to transactions. You need to actually press a button on the token to show that you are there (rather than merely having the token plugged in).

More information on the ISAM Version 9.0.3 release can be found at What’s new in this release .

More information can be found on the FIDO alliance at and on U2F at .


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